What We Do


aDSi provides project and program leadership consulting services to midsize to large (Fortune 500) organizations. We break the mold by not focusing solely on IT -- we leverage our experience to represent you from both technical and business lenses.  Our consultants are highly skilled in learning your business quickly and taking the lead to help you realize success.

With experience in project management, business analysis, and strategy development, our consulting team has seen firsthand some of the most common issues that face organizations today. We have a proven track record of fostering teamwork, providing leadership, and achieving measurable success for our clients.

IT Strategy Consulting

The key to successful execution is diligent project management and comprehensive business analysis. If your team can dream it, we can help you do it. From complicated, cross-functional system implementations, to creative projects; we help you manage budgets, expectations, timelines, vendors and teams. Our consultants are proven, successful leaders.

Project Management and Business Analysis

If you already know where you're going, that's fantastic! If not, we can help you develop your technology strategy. We'll engage key stakeholders within your organization and spend the necessary time with you and your leadership to create a sustainable solution to grow and support your business.

Systems Implementation and Integration

aDSi consultants bring years of experience in project leadership across multiple systems to your organization. We are not technology dependent and rely on proven approaches to systems integration to tackle nearly any challenge. We take great pride in our ability to learn quickly and look at every engagement as a partnership with common goals.

· Change Management

· Communication Management

· Delivery Management

· Event Management

· Human Resource Management

· Project Definition

· Quality Management

· Sponsor Agreement Management

· Risk Management

· Track and Control

· Supplier Management

· Technical Environment Management